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Get Your Shape Back and Stay Active

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

With my Zoom Senior Fitness Class, Staying Active Has Never Been Easier. (see below.)

Getting in shape and staying healthy can be challenging especially if you haven’t been on top of things as much as you probably should. Life can get in the way of taking great care of ourselves, when it is the MOST important thing we can do to have an awesome and productive life.

Most of the people I work with want to stay youthful as long as possible and it really isn’t that difficult if you do a little every day and make your health the priority it is!

First and foremost, mindset is EVERYTHING! Believe in your beautiful body, it houses your spirit, your personality, your brain and it deserves your love, gratitude and attention. Most of the time we’re saying unkind things to our body, put crappy food and substances into it, sit around too much, and then expect it to cooperate!

Think about this: if you treated your best friend like you treat your body, would you still be friends? Your body is YOUR Best Friend! It’s time to give your amazing and miraculous body the love and attention it deserves. Bio-Hacking is a process of digging into what makes your body tick….what are your strengths and weak areas?

WE then get down the processes that make you, you. Next, we can apply appropriate strategies and therapies based on your unique biological, mental and emotional make-up. Testing and supplementation, fitness training, mind-set “re-set” are all part of the success formula customized for your optimal health experience.

Here are 5 tips to get you started:

  1. I am here to help if you’re ready to go to the next level to create youth, vitality, health, boost your immune system, energy and mental clarity. I have some GREAT programs depending on your desired outcome and where you are on the start line. Moving your body every day is your number one priority!

  2. Exercise in some fashion: Stretch, Walk, Bike, Swim, Go to the Gym, Lift weights, Yoga, Jog, Dance, Move your Body. Basically do something physical to get your heart rate up and use your muscles every single day. Also move throughout the day, not just for one block of time called (blank exercise time) UV ups your Vitamin D, it ups your EZ water.

  3. Light does many things that we can’t quantify exactly to improve your health because we don’t know everything. What we do know is that everything on the planet evolved with the sun and that we are chemical and electrical and we need the suns energy and the earth’s magnetism just like we need food. You Are What You Eat!

  4. Eat Healthy Organic Food.

  5. Reduce processed foods and eat healthy fats. Don’t cook with unsaturated fats, such as olive oil, or eat anything cooked with them as it damages them and makes them very unhealthy. They are too delicate to heat. Try to avoid sugar and eat moderate portion sizes. Reduce Alcohol if you drink.

Shop at your local farmer's market and look for home grown or organic foods.

Making small changes will add up to big results.

Join me for my Zoom Senior Fitness and keep your body moving, flexible and balanced.

Here are the details to join:

Zoom Senior Fitness with David Carroll, Fitness Expert.

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